Friday, October 7, 2022
HomeWorld71-year-old woman marries 37-year-old man in Pakistan; Internet reacts

71-year-old woman marries 37-year-old man in Pakistan; Internet reacts

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One can go to any extent to get love. Proving this to be true, a love story has emerged from Pakistan, where 37-year-old Iftikhar has married a 70-year-old elderly woman, Kishwar Bibi, to get the love of childhood. Both liked each other for a long time, but there was such a difference in age that the family members did not agree in their youth, after which Iftikhar married again and had 6 children.

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Now finally both of them have married each other, fulfilling their wish. The video of their wedding is also becoming fiercely viral on social media. The marriage of both remains a topic of discussion in Pakistan.

Iftikhar’s old love Kishwar, could not get married in youth

Iftikhar was very young when he was very fond of Kishwar Bibi. When she expressed her desire to marry Kishwar, her mother did not agree. If the two did not get married, Kishwar decided not to marry anyone else for the rest of his life. Kishwar had no idea that at the age of 70, he would be married to the love of youth.

Kishwar want to go to Karachi on honeymoon

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Of course, Kishwar is 70 years old, but after marriage, his desire is no less than a young couple. After marrying Kishwar, when a reporter asked the honeymoon destination, he fearlessly took the names of Karachi and Mari.

Iftikhar continued to meet Kishwar even after marriage

Kishwar’s new groom Iftikhar told that he could not meet due to family, but after marriage Iftikhar did not stop meeting Kishwar. The two would often meet and spend time together in parks or at different places.

Kishwar decided to marry Iftikhar

The most difficult in the love story of these two was Kishwar Bibi’s decision. When the two could not meet in their youth, Iftikhar married another girl and later they had 6 children, but Kishwar Bibi had decided that she would marry Iftikhar, otherwise she would never do so in life.

Iftikhar’s wife gave permission for second marriage

Usually if a married woman talks about her husband’s second marriage she gets furious, but Iftikhar proved lucky to get his childhood love and his wife happily agreed to the second marriage. Iftikhar’s first wife said on the second marriage that she loves her husband, so she agreed to the second marriage. At the same time, when the reporter asked Iftikhar which wife he would like to live with now after the second marriage, he said that he prefers to live with Kishwar Bibi, as she is his childhood love.

Parents gave such reaction on son’s marriage

When the groom’s parents were questioned about Iftikhar’s second marriage to 70-year-old Kishwar, they agreed to the decision. Iftikhar’s parents said that there is no harm in getting married when the two have been in love for so many years.

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