LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan: Big News! You Will Get Rs 19 Lakh By Paying Just 150 Rupees In This Scheme, Know Complete Details

If you want to give a wonderful gift to your child on Children’s Day and want to keep his future safe, then start investing in LIC’s scheme New Children’s Money Back Plan today.

Today is Children’s Day. In such a situation, you can plan a different gift for your child today. At present, the interest of people in saving and investing (Money Back Plan) has increased. With the birth of a child, many parents start making plans for his future (New Children’s Money Back Plan). But let us tell you that if you save even some percentage of your earnings, then your child’s future can be changed.

LIC has brought a great scheme for you – New Children Money Back Plan. By investing in this scheme, you can make your child’s future secure. The investment made in this scheme will prove to be a great Children’s Day gift for your child.

New Children Money Back Plan

If you want to give such a gift to your child on Children’s Day which can keep his future safe, then invest in LIC’s (LIC Child Plan In Hindi 2021) scheme New Children Money Back Plan (LIC) today. start doing it. With these small savings, your child will become a millionaire in the coming time. Let us tell you that for this you will have to save only 150 rupees everyday.

What is this policy

The New Children Money Back Plan policy of Life Insurance Corporation is done for 25 years. Also, you get the maturity amount in installments. It is paid for the first time when your child turns 18. The second time it is paid when the child is 20 years old and the third time when he is 22 years old.

Amount plus bonus

Under the New Children’s Money Back Plan, the life insured gets 20-20 percent of the sum assured as money back tax. Along with this, when the child turns 25, the entire amount is returned to him. And with the remaining 40 percent of the amount, bonus is also given. By investing in this policy in this way, your child will become a millionaire as soon as he becomes an adult.

Save just Rs.150

The installment of this insurance started for the future of the child comes to Rs 55,000 annually. If you look at it according to 365 days, then in 25 years you have to deposit a total of 14 lakh rupees. At the same time, you get a total of 19 lakh rupees on maturity. But keep in mind that this rule is applicable only if the insured does not die during this period. If you do not want to withdraw the money, then you will get the full amount along with interest on the maturity of the policy.

What is the specialty of this policy

1. The age limit for taking the policy is from zero to 12 years.
2. 60 percent of the money is available in installments and 40 percent with bonus at the time of maturity.
3. Under this, the minimum insurance that can be taken is Rs 1,00,000 and the maximum limit is uncertain. ,
4. If the payment of installments is not taken, then a lump sum amount along with interest is given.

These documents are necessary to take the policy

1. Aadhar card, PAN card and address proof of parents are required for this policy.
2. Medical needs of the insured.
3. To take the policy, one has to fill a form by visiting any LIC branch or from an agent.
4. If the insured dies during this period, then 105 percent of the insurance premium is paid.

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