Invest Rs 50 every day in this post office scheme! Rs 35 lakh on maturity

With the changing times, many types of investment schemes have come into the country, in which investors are getting strong returns, but most of these schemes depend on market risk investment. In such a situation, even today a large population of the country prefers to invest in government schemes like Post Office Schemes, Bank FD Schemes, and LIC because it is away from all market risks. Rural India The post office keeps coming up with many schemes for the area. Today we are giving you information about that post office scheme in which you can get strong returns by investing. This scheme is the Gram Suraksha Yojana of the post office.

What is Village Security Scheme?
This scheme is run under the Rural Postal Life Insurance Schemes of the Post Office. You can get huge returns by making small investments in this scheme. Under this scheme, you can get a fund of Rs 35 lakh on maturity by investing a small investment of Rs 50 every day i.e. Rs 1500 every month. This scheme has been specially designed for the rural population.

Know the details of the Village Security Scheme here-

You can invest in this scheme from the age of 19 to 55 years.
In this scheme, you can get a minimum sum assured of Rs 10,000 and a maximum of Rs 10 lakh.
In Gram Suraksha plan, you can choose the premium as per your wish. You can pay a premium on every monthly, three months, 6 months, or yearly basis.
Investors get loan facilities on this scheme. You can take this facility after 4 years.
If you want, you can also surrender your policy after 3 years of taking it. If you surrender the policy within 5 years of taking it, then you will not get the bonus on it.

get death benefit

Let us tell you that the maturity of this policy should be a maximum of up to 80 years. If an investor dies before the completion of the policy, then in such a situation his family or nominee gets the benefit of the death benefit. The nominee can claim the policy and get the entire

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