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If you have more than two daughters in your house , the 15000 rupees will come into the account, know how?

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Today we are telling you about such a scheme which has been specially prepared to keep in mind the daughters. Due to negative thinking towards daughters, they are always deprived of fundamental rights like health education. To end this, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has come up with a scheme, under which daughters are given Rs 15,000 as financial assistance by the state government.

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Know what is the scheme?

The Yogi government of the state has brought Kanya Sumangla Yojana for the girls of Uttar Pradesh. Under this scheme, the entire Rs 15,000 is given to the daughters by the state government. Only the daughters of the state can take the benefits of the scheme.

How much is the benefit of Rs?

Under the Kanya Sumangla Yojana of the Yogi government, daughters get the full benefit of Rs 15000. In this, a total transfer amount of Rs 15000 is given in 6 equal installments.

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How to get 15000 rupees

Let us tell you how the state government gives Rs 15,000 to the daughters. Divided into six categories, money is given in this way.

1. On the birth of the girl child – 2000 rupees for the first installment –
2. On complete vaccination up to one year – Rs 1000 for the second installment
3. On taking admission in class I – Rs.2000 for the third installment
4. After taking admission in class 6 – Rs 2000 for the 4th installment
5. After admission in class 9 – Rs 3000 for the fifth installment
6. Graduation after passing 10th or 12th class or on diploma course of more than 2 years duration – Rs 5000 of the sixth installment is given.

Check official website

For more information about this scheme, you should visit the official website

Know who will benefit

The benefit of the scheme will be available only to the daughter who would have been born on or after April 1, 2019.

The benefit of the scheme will be available only to the daughter whose family will be residents of Uttar Pradesh.

Also, the family should have a permanent residence certificate, which should have a Ration card / Aadhar card / Voter ID card / Electricity / Telephone and the same will be valid.

The annual income of the beneficiary should be a maximum of 3 lakh rupees.
Only a maximum of two girl children of a family will be able to get the benefit of the scheme.

There should be a maximum of two children in the family.

If the first child in someone’s house is a girl and later the twins have both girls, then in such a situation all three girls will get the benefit of this facility.

The state government has told on its website that this scheme has been started to provide new effects of development along with social security to girls and women. While this will help in curbing evils like female feticide and child marriage, women will be empowered, while daughters will get higher education and employment opportunities.

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