Friday, October 7, 2022
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Babar Azam’s cover drive question in 9th class Pakistani physics book: Check Details

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Just like in India, the madness for cricket is equally as much across the border, in Pakistan as well. Even though Babar Azam struggled for runs in Asia Cup 2022, he remains a huge figure in Pakistan, and another example of this came out recently as a question about Azam’s cover drive appeared in one of the physics books in Pakistan.

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The picture of a question about Babar’s cover drive in one of the physics books has been breaking all over the internet, which highlights that he still remains a hugely popular figure in the nation.

The question was about the kinetic energy of the ball, if Babar hit a cover drive, with many cricket-crazy fans trying their hand to find an answer to the question.

“Babar Azam has hit a cover drive by given kinetic energy of 150J to the ball by his bat. a) At what speed will the ball go the boundary if the mass of the ball is 120g? b) How much kinetic energy footballer must impart to a football of mass 450g to make it move at this speed?” read the question related to the Pakistani captain.

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A picture of the physics book containing the question is being widely shared all over social media.

Meanwhile, Babar’s form ahead of the T20 World Cup remains a concern for Pakistan. The 27-year-old had only managed 68 runs in six innings during the Asia Cup, which Pakistan lost in the final, where the captain could only score five runs in the summit clash.

The upcoming 7 T20Is at home against a full-strength English attack will give him the perfect preparation.

Pakistan reached the semifinals in last year’s T20 World Cup and this year they will kick-start their campaign against India on October 23 in Melbourne.

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