Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Ration card: Important news for ration card holders, big change in rules

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There is a very important news for ration card holders. The central government has issued new rules for ration card holders. If you are also taking ration then this news is for you. Explain that the central government has made the exact rules. (Ration Card News Central government changed the rule for free ration)

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Food grains are provided by the government free of cost and at nominal rates. However, there are some conditions of the government to take this grain. But ineligible ration card holders who are not eligible for this scheme also take advantage of it. To prevent such ineligible, the government has made new rules. The central government has also warned that the ration card of those who do not follow the rules will be cancelled.

Have to verify

According to the order of the Central Government, those who are eligible for this scheme, they should get the verification done. The government has given a time limit of 30 days for verification. Also the ration card of ineligible people will be cancelled. Meanwhile, the government has so far taken action against many ineligible ration card holders. A total of 2 crore 41 lakh ration cards have been canceled so far. Most of these cards are from UP.

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