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Good news for State Bank account holders! Cash up to Rs 20,000 will be available at home, know details

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With the changing times, there have been many changes in the banking sector. Nowadays most of the work is done through online net banking or mobile banking, but some work in such a way that we have to go around the bank or ATM. It also includes cash withdrawal. To withdraw money, customers have to go to the bank or ATM machine. Apart from this, one has to go to the branch for work like submission of any necessary documents. But many times Senior Citizen or Divyang customers have a lot of trouble doing this.

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Take advantage of doorstep banking
To overcome the problems of such customers, the State Bank of India has started a special service. The name of this service is SBI Doorstep Banking. Through this service, customers can get cash sitting at home. Apart from this, you get many more types of services through SBI Doorstep Banking. Let’s know about this-

How much cash can I order at home?
Through SBI Doorstep Banking, you can order from Rs 1,000 to Rs 20,000 sitting at home. The thing to keep in mind is that the facility of cash delivery will be available to the customer when he has a sufficient balance in the account. In case of non-balance, your transaction will be canceled.

Three services free in a month-
SBI has informed that the disabled person will get the facility of free doorstep banking service thrice a month. Even after this, if you take the facility of this service, then you will have to pay a separate fee for it. Along with this, let us tell you that apart from cash-in-doorstep banking, you get the benefit of many other banking services. The bank is providing this service in all its branches since the year 2018. To avail of doorstep banking, you need to first register with your parent branch. After that, you will start getting this service.

These services are available-

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cash pickup
cash delivery
Form 15H Pickup
check receipt slip pickup
Delivery of term deposit
life certificate pickup
KYC document pickup
Delivery of drafts
Follow this process to get Doorstep Banking service-

First of all open SBI YONO.
Then click on the Services Request menu.
Then select Doorstep Banking Service.
After this send your check collection request.
You can also send a request for any other service like cash delivery etc.
You will get this service at home.

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