Central Employees Lottery! Large amount in the account due to increase in DA; see full list

On September 28, the government announced an increase in dearness allowance for central employees. Dearness allowance of Central Government employees is increased twice a year on half yearly basis. It is applicable from January and July every year. However, due to some reasons, it is usually announced in March and September. This time also the new dearness allowance has been implemented from July 1, 2022.

Employees got three months DA arrears
This time the dearness allowance has been increased by 4 percent. It has increased from 34 percent to 38 percent. Employees are also being paid DA at the rate of 38 per cent. Due to the announcement in September, lakhs of employees have got DA arrears of three months. Some employees have been paid in the salary of September. While some will be paid in the salary of October.

In which bracket did the dearness allowance increase by how much money?

But do you know how much money increased in which bracket due to increase in dearness allowance? If you also want to know about this, then you should definitely see the DA Hike Table once. Different charts have been given from level-1 to level-4. Here you will be shown the difference of dearness allowance in Level-1 of basic salary of Rs 18000 to Rs 56900.

Chart showing the increase in dearness allowance

Level-2 shows the payment of dearness allowance in the ratio of basic salary of Rs.19900 to Rs.63200. In Level-3, the chart of dearness allowance of employees with basic salary ranging from Rs 21700 to 69100 has been given. At the same time, in Level-4, the increase of dearness allowance has been shown for the employees with basic salary of Rs 25500 to Rs 81100.

How much will inflation rise next?

The next dearness allowance will probably be announced in March 2023. It will be deemed to be applicable from 1 January 2023. It is expected that the increase in this dearness allowance will be 3 to 5 percent. Industrial inflation data will show how much dearness allowance will increase. Only July and August numbers have come. As of July, the AICPI index has reached 130.2.

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