Attention Ration Card Holders! Get this urgent work done immediately or else it can be a big problem

The central and state governments run various schemes for the weak and poor economic class people of the country. One of those schemes is named Ration Card Scheme. 80 crore people of the country get the facility of free ration through ration card by the government.

Ration card is also used as important ID proof in India. The name of every member of the family is recorded on the ration card. Due to its increasing usefulness, the government keeps on advising to update it from time to time. Recently, the government has asked for a necessary update on the ration card. Otherwise, ration card holders may have to face trouble.

Update mobile number as soon as possible

The government keeps advising ration card holders to update the mobile number on the ration card. Many times people change the number they fill in the form while getting the ration card made. Due to this, later they are not able to get the updates related to the ration card. In such a situation, it is very important that you keep the mobile number on the ration card completely updated. If the old number is mentioned in your ration card, then there is no need to worry. You can update your mobile number instantly.

Work online like this

1. A separate ration card is issued for every state.
2. If you want to update the mobile number in the ration card, then visit that state ration card website.
3. If you live in Delhi, first of all, click on the website to update the ration card.
4. After this you will see Update Your Registered Mobile Number on the page, click on it.
5. Next you will have to fill in all the information like the Aadhar number of the ration card holder, ration card number, and new mobile number will have to be entered.
6. After this, enter the captcha code and click on the Save option.
7. After this the new mobile number will be updated on your ration card.

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