Monday, September 26, 2022
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6 months of change in DA completed, employees will get good news amid festivals?

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Central employees are waiting for the hike in their DA. The central government had last increased the DA of employees in March 2022. Six months have now been completed even after the three per cent hike in DA in March. The central government makes changes in the DA given to central employees every six months. Now it is expected that the government can announce an increase in DA in the end of September.

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But this time by what percentage will there be an increase in DA? This is also a big question. Because retail inflation has once again reached the figure of seven percent. When it was less than seven per cent, it was being said that the DA could be increased by four per cent. Will the effect of increased inflation rate in August be reflected in the hike in DA of employees?

DA is part of salary structure

It is expected that before Dussehra, the government will give festival gifts to its employees. However, so far no official statement has come from the government regarding the increase in DA. The DA given to government employees is part of their financial assistance salary structure. Keeping the inflation rate in mind, the government gives DA to the employees, so that their lifestyle is not affected in any way.

May be announced on this day

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The cabinet meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister, is scheduled to be held on September 28, 2022. It is believed that in this meeting, the government can take a big decision regarding the increase in DA. According to media reports, the government can increase the DA by up to four percent. However, in view of rising inflation, it can be even five percent. However, the government has not yet announced the date regarding the announcement of increase in DA.

Millions of employees will get benefit

If the government approves the decision to increase DA, 65 lakh pensioners along with 50 lakh central employees will get the benefit. Central employees are expected to get salary with increased dearness allowance from October 1. At present, central employees are getting DA at the rate of 34 per cent. If the government increases it by five per cent, then the DA will increase to 39 per cent.

How much will the salary increase?

Suppose the basic salary of a central employee is Rs 18,000, at 34 per cent, his dearness allowance works out to Rs 6,120. Now when the government will increase the DA by five percent, it will increase to 39 percent. In such a situation, the dearness allowance of the employee will also increase to Rs 7,020. At the same time, if it increases by 38 percent, then it will be Rs 6,840.

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