SHOCKING: Missing Man Found Dead After 4 Years, ‘Murdered’ By Wife and Her Lover

A man in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad — who had been missing for four years — was found buried inside his house. The police have arrested his wife and his lover.

Ghaziabad SP Deeksha Sharma told ANI that the police received the body on Monday.

The deceased Chandraveer was allegedly murdered by his wife and lover Arun. They allegedly dug the body inside their house.

The man had been reported missing.

The police recently reopened the case and questioned the victim’s daughter. The victim’s mother had also suspected the involvement of the woman and her paramour.

The victim’s brother had also filed a police complaint saying his wife had been having an affair with a neighbor.

They later confessed to killing the man.

The police found the missing with missing hand. The man had chopped off the victim’s hand to conceal his identity as he had a tattoo.

The victim had come drunk home that day. Arun shot him and his wife put a bucket to collect the blood oozing out of his head.

They later dug the pit and built a floor to avoid detection.

The police have recovered the bucket and the murder weapon.

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