LED TV Blast Kills Teenager, Massive damage to house, Check Details Here

A 17-year-old teenager died in an LED TV explosion at his residence in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. While his mother and a friend were grievously hurt in the blast, the cause of the blast remains unknown. As per the police, a detailed probe has begun to identify the cause and hold the concerned party responsible.

The authorities said that the blast was a significant one and the impact was such that the concrete inside the house was damaged. As per the police, the teenager identified as Omendra sustained grave injuries in the explosion and he died during treatment. It is being said that his face and neck were hit by tiny and sharp particles of the LED screen.

Neighbours in adjoining houses said that they heard a loud noise akin to a blast and their first assumption was that a cylinder had burst. They entered the house and saw Karan, the teenager’s friend and his mother, Omvati.

The explosion occurred in Harsh Vihar area of Ghaziabad.

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