Friday, October 7, 2022
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Inteligent Student Now A Drug Peddler, Love Affair ruins his Life, Heartbroken Video, Watch Video Here

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When any girl shares the bond with a man of some standard & then becomes a cheater, she actually steal an intellect, a son from his father & mother, a good citizen & at times the personality & life. When she cheat, she steal the right to fairness & this is the worst worst thing.

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Any heart that loves unconditionally is more vulnerable to break into pieces. The person will see his feelings being cruhed like that of leaves in autumn & can do nothing expect trying to assemble the broken pieces of his own soul. Tragedy is, there is no cure available.

From I will love U always to I don’t love U anymore, it is a matter of just few minutes but the destruction is massive. Indeed, we are safe until we fall in love.

I always say, “I love U forever got replaced by ‘I love U till something better comes’. This is harsh but reality.

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I was doing my normal work that is nothing but online classes. Someone Dmed this video & boom, I entered in exquisite madness. Such a mood changer this clip.

Everything shutdown, lets close the eyes & sleep!

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