Monday, September 26, 2022
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Bank Customers Alert! Government is transferring ₹ 2,67,000 to bank account, you have also received this message, know the truth here

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There are many types of facilities run by the central government, under which money is transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. But recently a message is going viral where it is being claimed that the government is directly transferring ₹ 2,67,000 to your bank account. If you have also received a similar message, then be alert. The government has given this information by tweeting from its official account.

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This claim is being made in the message

It is being claimed in this message that this money is being credited to your account under a government scheme. And after this this message asks you to click on a link.

Government made it clear

PIB has told the truth through fact check of its message. The government made it clear that no such scheme is being run by them. Also asked the public to be alert from such fake messages. Also informed not to click on any unknown link and message. Do not forward any such message, you can put your money and personal information at risk by falling prey to such messages.

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How to do fact check

If you also get this kind of message, then you can find out its truth yourself. You can get fact check done through PIB. For this you have to visit the official link Apart from this, you can also send the video to WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email:

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